Character Creation

Follow the character creation instructions in the Age of Rebellion core rulebook.

The Star Wars universe is a diverse with many sapient species. The following are available for use as characters in this campaign:

Aqualish – Hired Guns, pages 19-20
Arcona – Far Horizons. pages 19-20
Bothan – Age of Rebellion, pages 51-52; Edge of the Empire, pages 43-44
Chiss – Enter the Unknown, pages 20-21
Drall – Sons of Fortune, pages 90-91
Droid – Age of Rebellion, pages 53-54, Edge of the Empire, pages 45-47
Duros – Age of Rebellion, page 55; Enter the Unknown, pages 21-22
Gand – Edge of the Empire, pages 47-48
Gotal – Fly Casual, pages 21-22
Gran – Age of Rebellion, pages 56-57; Sons of Fortune, pages 22-23
Human – Age of Rebellion, page 57; Edge of the Empire, page 48
Human, Corellian – Sons of Fortune, pages 93-94
Klatooinian – Hired Guns, pages 20-21
Mon Calamari – Age of Rebellion, page 59
Nikto – Lords of Nal Hutta, pages 96-98
Quarren – Fly Casual, pages 23-24
Rodian – Edge of the Empire, pages 49-50
Sakiyan – Lords of Nal Hutta, pages 98-99
Selonian – Sons of Fortune, pages 91-92
Sullustan – Age of Rebellion, page 60
Toydarian – Enter the Unknown, pages 22-23
Trandoshan – Edge of the Empire, pages 50-51
Twi’lek – Edge of the Empire, pages 51-52
Weequay – Hired Guns, pages 22-23
Wookiee – Edge of the Empire, pages 52-53

There are other species that are merely offshoots of some that are mentioned here (Mirialans, for example, are a near-human species that uses the same stats as Humans).

Character Creation

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